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Hi I'm Boo and welcome to my art and cosplay + semi-personal blog! My main fandom is YuGiOh but I also like a lot of games so be prepared for random game fanart. Thanks for stopping by! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
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Messy scribblessss

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Answers to some anon questions! image

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Some more art of my MapleStory char (=w=)b

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WIP~ Drew him too old I think @_@ but that’s ok it can just be older!Yugi :P

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Cuddling with the bæ. 😗 #yami #atem #yugioh #yugi #bae You stole the heart of my cards 💜

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I think this is my favorite pic from the yugioh gathering at Otakon.

Photo by Julia 

Yuya (on right) is me
Yuya (on left) is cardgamesonwhatnow
uzu is frustratinglyscreams


updated! :D

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Yuuya’s expressions are my favourite. You can cover half of his face with your finger and it’s a whole new emotion.

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Takes a ton of Kaiba selfies as I continue to procrastinate making his coat

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Yuuya is really cute (/∇\*)

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Cosplay adventures with the Boo ★