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Hello I'm Boo and welcome to my art, cosplay and semi-personal blog! I like lots of anime and games but my main fandom is YuGiOh.
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Scribbley Bakura

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Strawberry Blond

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ho dang good job!! I’ve been trying to get this card as well but no luck for me haha. and have fun and good luck in the tournament ^o^)//

thanks mate! the trick is to let a particularly lucky friend pick the box and open them

you know that always seems to be the case when buying cards. Every time I buy it myself I don’t get anything that good. But the moment someone else buys/picks it out for you there’s always something really rare hiding in that pack

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These Berry Bliss lollies are so good I’m so happy////;;;

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Anonymous asked: YOOOOO you look really cute! doing Lightning justice there !

!!! Aaaw thank you kind anon!!///// image

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It’s been 1000000 years since I did something with Lightning’s costume but this is everything I’ve done so far~ There’s around 10 weeks til Supanova comes around again and I’ve got 2 weeks of holidays coming up so I’m going to try finish all my costumes in that time @_@

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More body swap stuff (^o^ )

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pls do a yugioh thing where seto kaiba is named stanley klarence


God, I wish that was his actual name.